Dieser Roboter zaubert

About Simon: Simon’s digital performances have become a worldwide phenomenon. His unique and innovative approach combines technology and traditional magic. By moving along the pace of innovation in the Digital Age and embracing new technologies on the way, Simon is creating illusions for people who have seen it all. Credits for support would be long for this one and can be found on my blog. Quick thank you to Martin Czernik (Camera), Christoph Wilke (Programming) and support from Humanizing Technologies Thanks also for the exclusive permission from SoftBank to use Pepper for my magic show. While my robot approach was created independently and certainly is unique I am not the first to combine magic with robotics. So respectful credits go to Marco Tempest, always a pioneer in digital magic, Justin Willman, Charlie Caper, Alexander Lehmann and all others I might not be aware of. Let’s keep up making magic look fresh and modern!