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Caption audios, videos and livestreams in a GDPR-compliant way, translate and transcribe, in 29 languages

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How to unleash the full potential of your content

1. upload video or create livestream

Upload your videos and let VIDEO.TAXI convert them so they play on all devices in top quality. For each video you get an individual link. Embed it on your website. Present multiple media in a professional media library.

2. subtitle or have translated

Enhance your content with subtitles or translated subtitles. Export the transcript and create other text formats like a transcript, blog post, or similar. Or customize the video player with your company logo or make it easy to find with chapter markers. Protect your content with passwords or codes against registration or payment. Provide interactivity with moderated chat and voting.

3. monitor your success

Check the traffic to your videos and livestreams with real-time statistics. Derive from this the future investments in new content. Observe the audience migration within a content and learn from it to plan your production budget for further offers.

The most important functions of VIDEO.TAXI

100% Privacy compliant

Stream live and present your videos 100% privacy compliant. Avoid a possible fine and avoid involvement in the theft of personal data such as the IP address of your visitors.

Accessibility according to BITV 2.0

Make your videos and livestreams even more understandable with subtitles. This way you reach not only people with disabilities but everyone else, because all browsers now start videos without sound.


Add a translated version of your subtitles to your livestreams or videos. Multiply the reach of your content many times over by being understandable in many languages.

Professional presentation

Offer multiple videos, which you can segment into categories, in a professionally designed media library that invites you to browse through.

Access control

Protect your content against unauthorized use with a secure code system. Let VIDEO.TAXI send the codes to your viewers after registration or payment.


Engage your viewers in the stream via chat a polling tool. Moderate incoming chat messages with the help of other colleagues and share only what fits the livestream.


VIDEO.TAXI does not collect data from your viewers or sell it to your competitors, who could use it to advertize against you by tracking your ex-site visitors.

Video SEO optimized

Use the tagging feature to ensure that your livestreams and videos get the highest possible search engine ranking. Add meta data from your transcripts.

Working in a team

Give your entire production team access to your account by enabling sub-accounts for them with individual permissions.


VIDEO.TAXI transcribes your audio/video content fully automatically. So you get e.g. a word protocol of a meeting with the distinction of the speakers. Send the text to an AI tool and have additional text variants such as blog posts, headlines or keywords created.

Audio only

You only have audio files that you want to stream or transcribe? No problem. VIDEO.TAXI handles common audio formats like MP3 and WAV.

Multi-channel audio

Now there is no more limitation to two audio tracks. VIDEO.TAXI handles x parallel audio tracks, live and on demand. For even more reach to your international viewers.


Video communication. Reliable. Creates added value.

All important functions for live streaming and video hosting. For marketing, PR, HR, UK and sales.

Livestreaming without extra hardware for online events with interactive features

Clear media management

Media library function for offers with registration or payment

Livestreaming from smartphone

Everything in view:
Stream quality control and viewership in real time

Applications for VIDEO.TAXI


GDPR - You can save yourself the fine

After record fines in the billions against corporations such as Meta and Google, fines are now also being imposed on smaller companies throughout Europe. Four percent of sales can hurt. It doesn't have to be that way. With VIDEO.TAXI, you are immediately compliant with data protection laws.

More reasons why our customers love VIDEO.TAXI

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Higher dwell time

Live streaming with all common encoders

We host your videos and audio files DSGVO compliant with ISO 27001 certification

and thus protect the privacy of your website visitors

We play your Videos and audios in perfect picture quality 100% data protection compliant off.

Thereby do not use tracking,which taps the data of your website visitors and uses it against you for advertising purposes. in one central location. With the media library.

Your users will simply watch more. Use video teasers to whet their appetite for more content. Streamlined navigation and super-fast video starts are fun for your users!

You can offer your videos freely accessible, against email registration or purchase. Livestreams can also be integrated. Ideal for online events, online courses or any website with more than five videos in different places.

Programming skills are not necessary.

Vogelsänger Studios successfully streaming with VIDEO.TAXI

Norbert Gierlich, site manager at Vogelsänger Studios: "We are involved in live streaming for a wide range of customers and are very satisfied and successful with Video.Taxi as a hosting and streaming platform, because we are always GDPR-compliant. My recommendation: take a look, try it out. You'll save yourself hassle, time and possibly money."

Video.Taxi is compatible with the following CMS systems

More functions


Fully automatic subtitles for livestreams and videos

Make your website accessible with automatically generated subtitles and a video player according to the requirements of BITV 2.0. Public bodies must implemented this since 12.2.22. For companies, it is an aspect of the Social Governance. According to the website of the Federal Statistical Office, there are in Germany 10.2 million people with disabilities. Of which are 7.8 million people severely disabled. People with disabilities may have difficulty operating websites, programs, and operating systems due to their physical limitations.

We are by your side

Our live webinars take you by the hand

We regularly stream our Video.Taxi webinar live. Unique in the industry. Here you can learn about new features, we give you tips and you can participate interactively. For example, you can ask questions that we answer live.

Want to learn more right now? Here you can find all the important functions in the video tutorials.


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