That's why Video.Taxi

What added value does Video.Taxi offer?
We asked our users.

We asked our customers and these are their numbers:

Cost saving: € 2,135 per employee and year
Increase in turnover: 55
Revenue increase: 100%

0% Bußgeldrisiko DSGVO


Violations of the GDPR cost 4% of your turnover, and any visitor to your website can sue you for additional damages. This risk is 0% for Video.Taxi users.

Video.Taxi Anwender arbeiten effizienter

Clear user guidance.

The user interface is designed in such a way that you can access the desired functions with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, Video.Taxi always tells you what it is doing for you. Your work can be completed faster.

Video.Taxi Kunden sparen Reisekosten

Saves incredibly.

Through the efficient use of the Video.Taxi functions, our users save travel costs to a considerable extent. In some cases, six-figure amounts per year. Webinars, company meetings and other events are realised quickly and easily with Video.Taxi.

55% höhere Verweildauer

It’s worth it!

Visitors who watch a video streamed by Video.Taxi stay tuned longer. The reasons: Fast starts, perfect picture quality up to 4K and numerous extra functions delight your viewers. No distractions from third-party brands (e.g. YouTube). This makes your investment in production even more worthwhile!

0% Rechteabtretung

Your content remains your property.

Unlike many large US providers, you do not assign any rights to us when you use Video.Taxi. Therefore we cannot monetise it. Your content and the rights to it remain 100% your property.

2 Stunden Reaktionszeit

Fast response to support requests!

We answer support enquiries by email on weekdays in less than two hours on average. Our support staff are permanent empoyees, they speak fluent German and English. You will receive a competent answer to your query.

Video.Taxi experience

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