US data vacuum cleaners on websites should have the plug pulled

How public authorities can become data thieves Data vacuum cleaners on public authority websites Recently, we have been providing more information about the very questionable practice of using YouTube, Facebook and Co. as playout platforms for livestreams and videos. If for-profit companies participating in economic life do so, that is their free decision. They have only themselves to blame, because at some point they will realize that they [...]

Organizing company meetings in a data-protection-compliant and tap-proof manner

Employee co-determination that saves money, time and nerves and is not spied on With the new edition of § 129 BetrVG, you as a works council can hold works meetings online or hybrid (i.e. on site and online at the same time). In doing so, everyone benefits from each participant not having to travel: Currently, travel is no fun. The travel costs for means of transport and overnight stays [...]

First ruling exposes Google's spying program strategy

Millions in use - Google`s spying programs on websites Whether Google Fonts, Google Maps or YouTube videos - none of it is legal The Munich Regional Court (3rd Civil Chamber) ruled in January 2022 that the unauthorized disclosure of dynamic IP addresses to Google constitutes a violation of the general right of personality in the form of the right of informational self-determination under Section 823 (1) of the German Civil Code [...]

How companies unknowingly engage in marketing kamikaze

When every mouse click makes the grave even deeper. You pay for the success of your competitors Imagine you are advertising. But not for yourself, but for your competitors. Only: You spend the money, and your prospects become customers of your competitors.Your sales shrink, your costs rise and you finance the success of your competitors. The [...]

Damages now also threatened in the event of GDPR violations

Damages added as incalculable cost risk Munich Regional Court issues groundbreaking ruling For website operators, the risk of unexpected payments increases significantly. A violation of the GDPR not only threatens a fine of 4% of annual turnover or 20 million euros, but for the first time in Germany, a website visitor is awarded damages. In its ruling, the Munich Regional Court [...]