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Video.Taxi is the DSGVO-compliant alternative to Youtube and Vimeo that protects your data and the privacy of your website visitors

As a business, you take back control with Video.Taxi - a powerful streaming platform where you retain 100 % ownership of your data, so you don't risk a fine or warning.

Audited, certified, DSGVO compliant, no data fencing

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YouTube Player is a Trojan, its malfunctioning harms you and your company's reputation.

You could lose the trust of your customers and damage your reputation if they learn that their data is being used for Google's "own purposes". You're on the money: YouTube grabs up to 13 data points per access and feeds its advertising machine. The YouTube player works like a Trojan. If your visitor goes to another website in the Google ad network, your competitor's ads are played. You have helped to harm yourself in the process. If you choose the ethical alternative, Video.Taxi, you won't have to compromise your privacy or put your website at risk. We don't sell any data, everything remains your property. You can even use Video.Taxi without cookie banners.

Full control through data ownership and privacy protection

With 100%igem ownership of your data, you have full control to protect the privacy of your viewers. You know where their data is stored and what happens to it, without outside influence. At Video.Taxi, we take data protection seriously and make sure your business is compliant with the GDPR.

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All important functions for livestreaming and video hosting

Livestreaming without extra hardware for online events with interactive features

Clear media management

Media library function for offers with registration or payment

Livestreaming from smartphone

Everything in view:
Stream quality control and viewership in real time

Some of our happy users

Live streaming with all common encoders

...Video.Taxi is also your video hoster

For example, with the Video.Taxi media library function is your Video hosting platform. We play your Videos in perfect picture quality 100% out in compliance with data protection. You want more? Present all videos at a central place. So look your users simply more. Use video teasers to whet your appetite for more content. Lean navigation and super fast video starts are fun for your users! You can make your videos freely accessible, against Email registration or Purchase offer. Live streams can also be integrated. Ideal for Online events, online course offerings or all websites, the more as five videos have integrated in various places. Programming skills are not necessary.

Vogelsänger Studios successfully streaming with Video.Taxi

Norbert Gierlich, site manager at Vogelsänger Studios: "We are involved in live streaming for a wide range of customers and are very satisfied and successful with Video.Taxi as a hosting and streaming platform, because we are always GDPR-compliant. My recommendation: take a look, try it out. You'll save yourself hassle, time and possibly money."

Customer testimonials

Udo Treimetten, Managing Director Triacs GmbH

We have been working with Video.Taxi for over a year now. We have implemented many different productions. Online product presentations, employee training, concerts, sporting events ... We use the full potential that this platform offers us. Traceable access with access codes, pay per view with collection as well as the subsequent provision and possibility of downloading the live broadcast. Very important to us was the security of our data, the GDPR conformity and last but not least of course the absolute technical reliability of the platform. Video.Taxi is a perfect partner in this regard, who also responds very quickly to our needs with questions and suggestions.

Norbert Gierlich, New Business and Site Management Vogelsänger Studios

We have been working very actively with Video.Taxi since fall 2020. We appreciate the intuitive UX of the SaaS solution and the HD quality of the livestream signals. Total freedom in branding the player, chat function and cloud-based recording perfectly round out the offer for us. But what excites us the most is the AI-based transcription. This allows us to pick up viewers in their native language while discussing with experts in another language, for example. Especially the "instant trimming" is a real enrichment, because we can edit recorded events directly online and then publish them. Having support contacts in the same time zone also helps a lot in case of emergency.

Detlef Simon - Desimo

After a good half year of cooperation, it's time for a thank you. We feel very well taken care of at Video.Taxi with our weekly show streams. A clear system, great picture and sound quality, excellent. And when something went wrong with the payment system, the support was quick and friendly - and of course fixed the problem. It works well! We’d like to keep going.

Video.Taxi is compatible with the following CMS systems

More functions

Videos that sell!

Collect leads and make sales with hotlinks

With clickable graphics that you place on the Video.Taxi player, you take call-to-action to a new level. Link to shopping carts, websites, lead forms. You'll be amazed at how your numbers skyrocket.


Fully automatic subtitles for livestreams and videos

Make your website accessible with automatically generated subtitles and a video player according to the requirements of BITV 2.0. Public bodies must implemented this since 12.2.22. For companies, it is an aspect of the Social Governance. According to the website of the Federal Statistical Office, there are in Germany 10.2 million people with disabilities. Of which are 7.8 million people severely disabled. People with disabilities may have difficulty operating websites, programs, and operating systems due to their physical limitations.

Digital products - your sales turbo!

This is how you earn money!

The market for digital products is growing rapidly and margins on digital goods are at an all-time high. Sell online courses, seminars, theater performances, sporting events or concerts as recordings or as livestreams via our ready-to-go online payment solution. With Video.Taxi your offer is online in 60 minutes. Without programming knowledge.

We are by your side

Our live webinars take you by the hand

We regularly stream our Video.Taxi webinar live. Unique in the industry. Here you can learn about new features, we give you tips and you can participate interactively. For example, you can ask questions that we answer live.

Want to learn more right now? Here you can find all the important functions in the video tutorials.

No marketing kamikaze, no assignment of rights, and no sharing of your website visitors' data with third parties.

Youtube and Vimeo videos grab your users' data.

Would you allow your competitors to show their videos on your website? If you embed a Youtube video on your website, this is what happens: you have to accept a link back to Youtube in the player or your competitors' videos are displayed. Even worse, up to 13 pieces of personal information (e.g. address, device ID, location, etc.) are transmitted to the ad network and stored forever and sold to third parties. If your visitor then visits a page of this network again and your competitor is an advertiser there, your former prospect will be shown your competitor's ads. Conclusion: You have a) unknowingly provided the advertising network with free profile data and b) made your prospect a customer of your competitor.