All great features of Video.Taxi at a glance


Video resolution
Deliver high quality video with resolutions up to 4K (2160p60)

Automated start
Let Video.Taxi do the job. Video.Taxi starts and stops your livestream according to the preset times.

Manual start
Start your livestream with your planned time frame by mouse click.

Not sure about the upcoming parameters of your livestream? Change all settings up to 30 minutes before the start by keeping the ingest URL and player link.

Unlimited number of team members
Give your entire production team access with no user restrictions on your account by enabling sub-accounts.

Maximum duration of the livestream
Stream your entire event for up to 12 hours at a time, and if it lasts longer, you can extend it several times during the broadcast.

Full control
Keep the rights to your content and don’t expose your viewers to uncontrollable advertising from your competitors, such as YouTube.

Custom player
Choose your favourite colour and add your organisation’s logo.

Cloud Transcoding
Save bandwidth at the event location by streaming a single stream. Video.Taxi automatically generates the other necessary streams as adaptive streams.

Simultaneous livestreams
Stream overlapping events by streaming an almost unlimited number of livestreams simultaneously.

Live streaming in the browser

Automated live streaming
Studio streams directly. No software installation necessary. Google Chrome browser recommended.

Enhance your livestream with your own background graphics.

Image layout
Choose from different layouts for a varied presentation.

Scrolling text
Create a scrolling text and fade it in.

Insert logos of your choice and give your programme the look you want.

Show presentations or let your guests do it.

Viewer Chat
Chat with your viewers, also moderated.

Private chat
Chat with your participants internally without the viewers noticing.

Poll your viewers and display the results.

Invite guests to your programme
Invite guests directly to your programme.

Video Management

Download + Export
Download audio or video data of your livestreams or export them for further use. If desired, allow the file to be downloaded to your users.

Automatic recording
Let your viewers watch the automatically recorded livestream with the same links and embed codes.

Video storage
Save unlimited live streams on Video.Taxi as Video on Demand for a specified period of time.

Trim out unwanted parts by redefining the beginning and end of your recording without having to assign a new link. The original file remains intact.

Livestream replacement
Present the best version by replacing live livestreams with post-produced videos without changing links, embeds or analytics.

Livestream uploads
Keep all your videos in one place by uploading and storing them.

Clipping livestreams
Capture important moments and share them on social media by quickly clipping highlights in the middle of the livestream or after the livestream ends.

Highlight and edit important content on the content timeline – post to social media or email.

Subtitle export
Export existing subtitles or upload existing ones.

Subtitle Editor
Use the subtitle editor to correct incoming live subtitles or subtitles already created for video on demand files.

Set videos to non-public if you no longer want to show them to your viewers.

4K videos
Upload videos in 4K resolution.

Set chapter markers and your users can jump there directly.

Video Player

Clickable logo
Load your own logo into the player and link to a website or similar via a link.

Social sharing
Let your viewers promote your stream with easy social media sharing.

Organise your livestreams by categorising them into customisable, embeddable channels.

Smartphone-friendly player
Deliver a great viewing experience on phones, tablets, computers or smart TVs with a responsive HTML5 player.

Time shift
Allow your viewers to restart your livestream or skip to specific points while it is still live.

Adaptive bitrate playback
Ensure smooth playback with automatic resolution optimisation for different bandwidth scenarios.

Pre-livestream video
Engage your viewers before your livestream begins with a video loop on the player while you are not yet live.

Viewer Experience

Graphic overlays
Enhance your VODs with clickable graphics such as logos, watermarks, belly bands, full-screen overlays or simple advertisements.

Automatic subtitling
Save time, meet compliance standards and make your livestreams more accessible by automatically adding subtitles. Editing subtitles via an online editor is possible live and afterwards in the recording.

Automated translation on demand
Extend the reach. Create automatic translations in 192 languages. Edit the subtitles afterwards.

Video markers
Help viewers easily find important moments by naming and marking points in a recorded livestream.

Live video chat
Viewers can chat and you have options. Moderated chat where you can control visibility or open chat where every message is published.

Clickable annotations
Add clickable text or clickable graphics to your videos to drive more viewers to your offers (leads, e-commerce).

High frame rate (up to 60 fps)
Smoothly capture motion by streaming at frame rates of up to 60 fps.

Manual scoreboard overlay
Overlay your livestream with a live scoreboard. Control the scoreboard on your computer, phone or tablet.

Automatic viewer information
Display the number of cc users as an overlay on the player.

Voting tool
Send live questions to the audience and let Video.Taxi count the results. These are displayed on the video player as an overlay.

Monetization / Pay per view

Ticket sales
Generate revenue by selling tickets for your live or recorded livestreams with the Video.Taxi Pay per View function. Individual access codes provide high security for your business model.

Flexible validation
Link any livestream or VOD to any product you have created. Add future content even to tickets that have already been sold. Change the duration at any time.

Customisable email template
Edit your email template that your customer will receive after purchasing your pay per view offer.

Check each Pay per View product sold and used against a report showing the name of the purchase, the prices, the access code and the date/time access code used for the first time.

Online sales by third parties
Generate access codes and export them to your shop system.

Support & Monitoring

Unlimited priority support
Our live streaming experts are available by email 7 days a week (Mon – Sat 9am – 9pm CET, Sun 10am – 3pm CET). With experience in video and audio production and dealing with thousands of clients and projects, our support team is able to answer almost any live streaming question.

Stream Diagnostics
Troubleshoot problems with detailed data on the status and health of your live stream (bit rate, frame rate and packet loss).

Coding management
Track and control your coding process and get instant technical support.


Viewer engagement stats
Understand your reach with engagement graphs and data on total views, individual viewers and average viewing time.

Geo Analytics
See where in the world your viewers are watching with a live interactive map.

Insights for viewers
Take an in-depth look at how viewers are viewing your content, with data on viewing targets, devices, browsers and operating systems, and playback quality.

Privacy & Security

Embed restrictions
Keep control of your content by restricting the destinations or URLs where the livestream can be viewed.

Password protection
Protect your livestreams with a single or individual password.


API access
Customise your video workflow with the Video.Taxi API (visible when logged in under „Account“.


Stream on your website
Keep your organisation’s brand control by sending your livestream directly to your own website with the customisable player you can embed via the embed code.

Live stream on Facebook
Reach your Facebook audience by streaming live on Facebook at the same time.

Stream on YouTube
Reach your YouTube audience by streaming live on YouTube at the same time.

Stream on Twitter
Reach your Twitter audience by streaming live to Periscope at the same time.

Stream to any RTMP destination
Reach your audience on other platforms by streaming simultaneously to any RTMP destination.

Save bandwidth at the site and stream to ten different destinations such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or your RTMP destinations simultaneously.