100% GDPR-compliant data protection for you and your customers

Protection from legal warnings and claims for damages

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), also known as DSGVO in German and RGPD in French, is a regulation applying to companies, non-profit organizations and public institutions worldwide to enforce data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU).

Data protection during streaming is Video.Taxis top priority and we offer GDPR-compliant video hosting and livestreaming. After all, your customers‘ data is theirs and theirs alone!

All personal data created when using Video.Taxi for videos and livestreams will remain your own for 100%, third parties will not be able to access it.

Other than YouTube or Vimeo, we do not process or sell our customers‘ data for promotional purposes. Therefore, you do not unintentionally end up as a data thief.

DataProtectionNEWS – On the issue: A German court adjudicates damages for violations of the GDPR regulations for the first time – increasing risk for website owners

Why is GDPR-compliance so crucial?

As per Article 83 of the General Data Protection Regulation, violations of data protection or non-compliance may subject you to a fine of up to 4% of your annual revenue.

Users have the right to sue you for damages. The Munich I Regional Court adjudicated damages of 100€ to a user in January 2022 (case no. Az.3 O 17493/20) If your website has a large network of users, this could easily amount to a large sum of money.

When designing websites for third parties and disregarding the GDPR, you may be held liable for the resulting damages. An enitrely incalculable risk.

American companies are after your viewers' data!

Ethically, you should refrain from anything that allows data to be transferred to unsecured third countries as the USA is known to do. Nobody knows who has access to this data and what it will be used for. Once transferred, this valuable information will be exploited to the highest possible extent.

It is known that:

  • US authorities (intelligence agencies, police authorities) have full access, without having to state any reasons
  • US companies store the data indefinitely
  • Data points are used to create user profiles
  • With this data behavioral predictions are generated
  • The data is being sold to third parties
  • Even the data of minors ends up as digital collateral in the web of US data exploiters

How can we guarantee that Video.Taxi is GDPR-compliant?

Our platform ensures compliance with the GDPR by:

  • anonymizing data
  • providing a GDPR manager
  • allowing you to decide against tracking your viewers
  • not using the data for any other purpose
  • anonymizing IP addresses
  • hashing chat logs
  • allowing you to deactivate visitor profiles and protocols
  • encrypting all data and storing it in Germany and the EU

No need for irritating consent banners

By using Video.Taxi, consent banners are no longer necessary. Consent banners might cause you to lose viewers, because in case of uncertainty viewers will leave your site.

With YouTube or Vimeo, consent banners are mandatory. However, a large number of viewers decline consent. As a result, the analytics are incomplete. Therefore, you will not be able to make appropriate business decisions.

Video.Taxi can be used without consenting to cookies or tracking

You can use Video.Taxi even if you do not constent to cookies or tracking and you will still obtain valuable statistics. Our video player stores anonymous user data. The data will remain under our supervision. For an in-depth analysis, you can integrate tools such as Matomo which do not require any programming skills.