How to start!

Everything you need to know to get started successfully with Video.Taxi


Here you will find help with which you can create your live stream and send it out into the world in just a few steps.

1. Let’s go.

Log in to your Video.Taxi account and open the „LIVESTREAMS“ menu. Now mark whether you want to publish the livestream on your own website and / or on social networks.

Live Streaming Start

2. Setting up content

In step 2, enter the title of the event, as well as a description and the planned start time and duration for your event. Please note that the set time zone is CET / CEST. If your event takes place in a different time zone, please calculate and enter the start time in CET / CEST here!

Live-Stream Setup

You can also specify here how you would like to deliver your live signal to the Video.Taxi platform. You can transmit the signal to Video.Taxi via PUSH (your encoder sends the live signal to the Video.Taxi server. You will receive the necessary stream data in the detailed overview after setting up the live stream) or the platform obtains via PULL the live signal (the Video.Taxi servers call the live signal from the encoder).

Live Streaming

Would you like time shift and the automatic recording of your event so that it can be viewed afterwards? Then activate the box „Recording, time shift and VOD after the event.“.

If there is not enough traffic in your account for a live broadcast/recording, you can increase the traffic / bandwidth here.

In addition, you can activate the option to add automatically created subtitles for your live event and to enable a live chat.


Recording, Time Shift, Chat and VoD

3. Your audience

In step 3 you determine how many visitors you expect for your live stream and in what quality you want to broadcast.

number of users and stream quality

In addition, you can now specify which social media platforms you want to broadcast to. By selecting the respective provider, you activate the forwarding.

Streaming to Social Media Plattforms

4. Your player

In the 4th and last step, you have the option of selecting the full Video.Taxi HTML5 player or using your own player. With a click on „Save & Continue“ your livestream is created and you are ready for your live event.

Choose your video player


You have successfully created your livestream and are ready for your live broadcast.

More functions for your live streaming

To edit more details of your just created live stream, click on „Live Streams“ in the menu and under Live Streams on „Details“ of the desired live stream.

Livestreams Menu

Here you can change the title and description of your live stream, select a title image/pre-trailer and activate the option to start your live stream manually. After selecting and saving, you will get your live signal in the Video.Taxi Cockpit Player (from the set live event time), without the live signal already being sent to the public player. Within this you can check the signal again and if necessary, adjust the start of the live stream to the local conditions.

If you are ready to send the live stream to the public player, click on the red button „Go Live“ in the upper left corner of the Video.Taxi Cockpit Player.

(Please note, if you have activated the option „Timeshift „VCR“, the entire connection time between your encoder and Video.Taxi server is provided.)

Live Stream Edit
Live Streaming manual start

We also give you the opportunity to test the delivery of the live video/audio signal and of course you will receive the necessary stream data to deliver the live signal from your encoder to the Video.Taxi platform.

Live Stream Stream Data

You want to check your live stream setup to avoid any surprises? Then use our 15 minute test to check the delivery of the live signal in advance. Your test stream will not be sent to the public player and the test signal will only be visible via the Video.Taxi Cockpit Player (in the detailed overview of the live content in the admin area).

Once 15 minutes are not enough for you? No problem, Video.Taxi offers you 3 times 15 minutes so that you can test everything.  (Please note that the last test run must be started at least 35 minutes before the start of the live event).

Live Stream Test

To follow your live event in public, we offer you various methods to link your live player – for example as <iframe>, as a direct player link or as direct access to the HLS stream. Your choice!

Live Player Code

You can also customize the following features/options for your live stream:

Here you can change the colour of your player, remove/add a logo or activate/deactivate the Auto Play function.

Live Player Layout

You want to share your live content only with certain users? Then choose our password protection and assign a password. Only if you enter the correct password, will the live stream be displayed and played in the player.

To sell your live stream as pay per view with access codes, you have to activate the pay per view option here.

Live Protection

Further information on the topic of Pay per View is available here.

If you checked the „Chat“ option when creating the live stream, you can organize the chat here and, for example, write messages in the chat as admin/moderator, release individual chat messages or disable the chat again.

Live Stream Chat

The chat is displayed in the player as soon as the live event begins and can be deactivated in the Video.Taxi admin area of the respective live content using the „Chat input disabled“ slider. In this case, the entire chat (including history) will no longer be displayed in the player.

Live Stream Chat disable

In the Live Video Player the user can log in with a nickname and write messages/comments. If the user wants to change his nickname, he can do so by entering a new name above the text area inside the video player.

Live Stream Chat nickname
Live Sream Chat nickname change

If the chat option „moderated“ is activated, you have the possibility to approve or delete individual comments in the right chat window of the admin area by clicking the button „Approve this message?“. Not approved/Deleted chat messages will not appear in the Live Video Player.

Live Stream Chat moderator

Media library

In the media library you can organize your videos, create subtitles, select a specific area in the video for display, assign password protection and use many other functions.

First, drag and drop the video into the media library or search your computer for the file.

Media library

Your video will now be uploaded to the Video.Taxi server, optimized and will be available for you in the media library.

Select an appropriate content to edit it further. You have various options via the menu below the video.

Verwalten Sie Ihre Videoinhalte

In addition to the color of your player, you can add a logo, activate the auto play function, edit the title and description of your video or call up the statistics. In addition, you will also receive the embed code for your Video on Demand Player in this area.

Video.Taxi also offers you the option of uploading a cover picture that is displayed as the start picture in the video player.

Player Layout - Video details

In the „Access Statistics“ area you can find out how many viewers watched your video and how much traffic has already been used.

Access statistics

Also on this page you will find the embed code for your Video on Demand Player. Here Video.Taxi offers you various options:

  1. Embedding via <iframe>
  2. the direct link to the player
  3. or direct access to the HLS stream, e.g. to use your own player
HTML5 Player code

And of course Video.Taxi also gives you the option to delete the content.

Delete media item

Would you like to display only a certain section of your video?

Jump in the video to the new starting point and press the „Set“ button to the right of „From“. Do the same if you want to mark the end point of the video. Click on „Set“ to the right of „To“.

Now activate the trimming by clicking on „Trim enabled“ and your video will only be played between the newly set start and end point.

Trimming Optionen

Provide your content with subtitles in many different languages, automatically created by the Video.Taxi system, or upload existing subtitles (.srt / .vtt file).

Untertitel Optionen

There are currently 2 providers to choose from for automated speech recognition – Google and Amazon. Select one and indicate which language is spoken in your video.

The dictionary option allows you to add specific words to the system that help improve speech recognition. With a click on „Create subtitles“ the subtitles are generated in a few minutes and are available for further editing in the next step.


All subtitles in the different languages ​​that the Video.Taxi system has already created are listed here. For a review and further processing of the results, click on „Manage“ in the respective language.

With “Transcribe from Audio” you can add further subtitles in other languages.

If you already have a subtitle for your video (.srt and .vtt files are supported), you can upload it by clicking on „Upload existing subtitles“.

In addition to voice-to-text recognition, the system also enables you to translate automatically multiple languages. To do this, click on „Automatic Translate“.

You can recognize a successfully performed speech recognition by the fact that „Active“ is displayed next to the language. By clicking on „Manage“ you can edit the subtitles.

Subtitles Details

The automatically created subtitles are displayed in the left window and you can edit them directly by clicking on the text. On the right in the video window you can see the video and the subtitles as the viewer sees them.

You can also use the timeline to change the duration of the individual subtitles. Simply drag the beginning or end of the subtitle in the respective direction with the mouse. Save your changes with „Save subtitles“.

You can use the toolbox to download the subtitles as .srt or .vtt files or to replace the current subtitles by uploading a .srt or .vtt file. If you have a text log of the event or the video content (file as .txt or .xml), the system can use this to further improve the accuracy of the subtitles by comparing it with the speech-to-text recognition.

Subtitles edit

Would you like to share your content only with certain users? Then choose our password protection and assign a password. The content is only displayed and played in the player if the correct password is entered.

In order to use Pay per View for videos on demand you have to choose that option.

More detailed information about Pay per View, you can find here.


Video.Taxi offers you the technology to put web links, texts or pictures over the video.

To do this, open the menu item „Annotations“, go to the play bar at the time in the video where a text or web link is to be displayed and click e.g. on the „Text & Link“ button.

Video Taxi - Powerful Streaming

The „Annotation Editor“ opens and you can enter text, specify the web link, the color and font of the text and determine the duration of the display. The text you entered appears in the video window and you can move the text field with the mouse and change the size of the text. Click on „Save“ to save the entries.

Annotation Editor

If you would like to add an image to your video, click on „Image“.

Here, too, you have the option of assigning a web link (by clicking on the image in the video, it will be opened), specifying the position of the image in the video and defining the display duration. Confirm again with „Save“ and save your entries.

Annotation Editor


Another new function is offered by Video.Taxi with the clipping option. Create short sequences from your live streams or uploaded videos and post them immediately and with little effort on social media platforms.


You have the option to cut …

  1. a clip from an external live stream
  2. from an existing video in your media library
  3. from a currently running video.Taxi Live Stream

Select a method and click „Continue“.

Clipping-lets start

1. Using a clip from an external live stream

Enter a name and enter the time and duration of the live stream. Enter how you get the live stream – push or pull and enter the parameters if necessary.

Click „Save & Continue“.

Creating clips from external live streams

2. Use of an existing video from your own media library

Select the video you want from the list.

Click „Save & Continue“.

creating clips from extisting video

3. Use a Video.Taxi Live Stream that is currently running

Select the live stream and click on „Create clips“.

Live Clipping Sessions

Once you have selected content, the Clip Editor opens and you can create a new clip. To do this, click on „Insert Clip“. Now you can assign a name and also determine whether the section should already be displayed square – e.g. for special platforms and devices.

You can use the mouse to move the beginning and end of the clip anywhere in the video in the timeline. If you have adjusted the time, the first or last seconds of the clip are played automatically, so that you can check again whether you have hit the right time.

With a click on „Save“ you save the clip selection and the video. Taxi system cuts and creates the new clip.

Video Taxi Player

The cut clip sequence appears after a few moments, below the video window and is ready for downloading and sharing on social media platforms.

final clipping clip

To publish the clip on your social media channels, click „Share“. In the new window, you can now enter a title and description/message of the clip and select different platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Post Clip

Pay per View

Monetize your content and offer it as a pay per view solution via the Video.Taxi platform. Each of your content – live streams and also on demand content – can be configured as pay per view. You can market the access codes created by Video.Taxi anywhere: in your own shop system, or with partners such as ticketmaster. These process the payments for you.

Or you can sell your content directly via Video.Taxi. Our platform takes over the complete payment process for you and sends automatic mails with the respective access codes to the customer.

The following steps are necessary:

Activate the Pay per view option of the desired content in the media library under the „Protection“ setting.


Now go to the PAY PER VIEW menu and configure the properties. Enter a name, determine the validity of the Pay per view content (valid forever, time limit or define a time period) and select a content (Live Stream or VoD Content – only content for which the Content menu „Protection“ the Pay per view option was activated.). Click „Save & Continue“.

Pay per view
Pay per view

The Pay per view option has been created and on the next page you will see an overview page with the settings you have entered. These can also be adjusted later if necessary.

Pay per view

In the „Access codes“ area, you now specify how many codes the system should generate. You also have the option to download existing codes as a .csv file. With a click on „Create“ the codes are generated automatically and appear as a new point on the page.

Please note that each code is only valid for one user access. If a code is passed among users and used again, the new user can start the stream but the previous user will be blocked from watching the video.

Pay per view
Pay per view


Here we show you an overview of your account details, your balance and your currently available traffic.

Account details

You can also create additional sub-accounts here so that other people can also access your Video.Taxi account. Assign different permissions (e.g. livestream management, video on demand management, clip management) so that other people can also edit your content.

Member permissions

Connect your social media channels to your Video.Taxi account and enjoy quick access to YouTube and Co., in case you want to stream live to these platforms.

connect Social Media accounts

With the Permalink Live-Player you can always play the latest live stream or the last recording without having to replace the player’s HTML code on your website every time.

Permalink Live-Player