NEW: Video.Taxi Studio - Livestreaming directly from your browser

Professional livestreams – it couldn’t be easier.
Invite guests, show presentations, fade in logos and overlays and stream live directly to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or your website.

Customers who benefit from Video.Taxi

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Simultaneous video postings on social media for more reach

Simply start the livestream or upload the video. Video.Taxi does the publishing for you on all your social media accounts in one go.

Live Chat Modul with TV1

Live Chat - Interact with your audience

Via Live Chat you keep in touch with your viewers. They can now give feedback via chat and watch the livestream to help shape the program. You have the choice between an open chat and a moderated version. In the moderated version you release the chat entries manually.

Automated subtitling for better comprehensibility

Simply start the livestream or upload the video – Video.Taxi creates finished subtitles for your livestreams and videos, thus improving acceptance.

NEW: With Video.Taxi you can manage your own dictionaries for special terms and thus significantly increase the recognition quality.

Oberfläche zeigt Übersetzungstool für Untertitel

Automatic translation of subtitles

Do you want to reach the billions of Internet users who do not speak your native language? Video.Taxi also translates the subtitles.

Our intelligent speech-to-text recognition and translation systems relieve you of the time-consuming, manual subtitling and translation.

Post videos directly from live streams - you can do that in no time with the superior clipping function

Simply enter the livestream URL – mark the desired area with the mouse and Video.Taxi cuts out the sequence as a clip and simultaneously posts this video for you on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Here we introduce ourselves - the Video.Taxi team

Your Video.Taxi team. It will support you with all its strength to make your project successful. Our experienced colleagues will help you e.g. in the production of a live webcast. They are able to monitor all processes in real time and intervene immediately if necessary. We support you via Skype, Zoom, Teams, email, phone, Signal or WhatsApp.

Why Video.Taxi?

Video.Taxi is the best video platform we have ever developed. No matter whether you want to stream live or want to publish your videos. We offer you numerous features to present and use your content even more exciting for your users. For you, this means: More range and a longer stay. And: We never get tired of constantly introducing further improvements.

20 years of experience

TV1 was founded in 1999 and has been a successful streaming media company ever since. A team of 20 specialists do their best every day. Benefit from the experience of the owner-managed company based in Unterföhring near Munich from over 4,500 successful projects.

TV1 was awarded

TV1 awarded

TV1 was once again voted among the 101 most influential streaming media companies in Europe. We received this award as one of the „101 most important, interesting and influential European online video companies of the year 2019“ from the specialist magazine streaming media.

TÜV Logo

ISO / IEC 27001 certification

After a year of preparation, TV1 received the coveted ISO / IEC 27001 certificate from TÜV Süd. With this we prove that we more than meet the highest requirements in terms of IT-Grundschutz. For our clients, it means that we guarantee them the highest standards of data security.


The use of Video.Taxi is free up to 75 Gb bandwidth per month.

You can also buy more traffic cheaply.

Free0 per month75 Gb bandwidth is free
Ultimate599 Prepaid (+ value added tax)You will receive a package of 5,000 Gb bandwidth for approx. 250,000 video views of 5 minutes in length. Validity 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Video.Taxi we think you should keep your rights of your content. Other platforms are not for free, you pay with your content, and they sell advertising. Even worse, your competition will be promoted by them as well. Do you really want that? Video.Taxi is where you host and manage your inventory in a professional way. You stay in control and decide, if you like to get promoted by linking to third party platforms or what kind of marketing will be done with your content.

We grant any new user a start bonus of Euro 200,00, you can use to stream live and additional 75 Gigabyte (GB) of free bandwidth for on demand use of your recorded live stream. You are not streaming live and still want to use the 75 GB free bandwidth. No problem. As soon as you have uploaded a video or streamed a livestream, we grant you 75 GB of free bandwitdh every month. If your content reaches 75+ GB, we kindly ask you to purchase additional bandwidth.

Video.Taxi can stream live up to 10.000 concurrent live streams with 5 Mbit/s each. If you need more capacity please contact us.

No, you only pay online for what you use. If you like to get billed monthly, please contact us.

Video.Taxi accepts a live stream using the RTMP or HLS protocol. This process is called encoding. You can use a software encoder or a hardware encoder. You can stream with a smartphone app like “Larix” or “GoPro”. Both are free of charge.

Video.Taxi provides a “media library” where all your video content can be managed. From there you decide where you like to publish your videos.

Please use the Live-Stream Configurator and select the features you like. It will show you the fees in realtime.

We use speech-to-text technology on a KI-based application. The audio stream is sent to the system and it converts the audio patterns into text. In a second stage the context has to be analysed and the output of words will be aligned, so the transcription makes sense. In are third stage we push the text in the appropriate subtitle format to the video player. We offer 52 languages.

Adobe Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, Open Broadcaster Software, FFmpeg, Wowza Transcoder, Vmix or any other which supports the RTMP or HLS protocol.

Do we have any questions?

We would be happy to advise you on your next project. We offer all intensity levels of know-how transfer, from brief telephone advice to a 1-day workshop. Simply choose the date that suits you.


15 min


3 hours


7 hours