Live streaming without external advertising and many valuable functions.

You keep all rights of your content.

For new registrants € 75 starting credit.

With Video.Taxi you can create live streams for every application in no time. With the numerous, intelligent functions, you can refine your live streams.

Customers who use Video.Taxi livestreams

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Stream live all over the worldWith Video.Taxi you reach a global audience
Live streaming made easyGo live with just a few clicks. Smartphone, laptop or PC is enough.
Valuable unique functionsSubtitling, time shift, password protection, pay per view ...

Video.Taxi Cockpit

Keep full control of your livestreams with the clear Video.Taxi Cockpit. It shows you real-time viewer numbers, stream quality and time information.

VideoTaxi Cockpit RT1

Multistreaming - Streaming on multiple platforms at the same time

Video.Taxi distributes your stream on your website and at the same time on the relevant social media platforms Youtube, Facebook and Twitter! Instead of a maximum of four streams, you only manage one and save valuable bandwidth.

Videokonferenz gleichzeitig auf Webseite, Youtube, Facebook und Twitter

Live Chat - Interact with your audience

Via Live Chat you keep in touch with your viewers. They can now give feedback via chat and watch the livestream to help shape the program. You have the choice between an open chat and a moderated version. In the moderated version you release the chat entries manually.

Live Chat

Live subtitling for live streams

Our speech-to-text technology translates the spoken word into subtitles in real time. In all languages. With the subtitle live editor, you can correct the subtitles live before they are broadcasted live. This feature is still in beta testing.

Video.Taxi Subtitle Editor

3 ways to create a livestream

1. Directly from a PC or laptop, OBS or video conference system
2. With a hardware encoder
3. With a smartphone and the "Larix" app

Numerous valuable functions

• Own logo
• Preview picture or video before the livestream starts
• Live subtitling
• Low latency as an option
• Customizable player color
• Live user statistics
• Own player selectable
• Automatic recording
• Autoplay can be set up
• Signal control
• Simultaneous streaming to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
• Time shift


Protect your live streams with password protection


Immediately put the recording of your live stream online

Immediately after the end of the live stream, you can set the start and end times with the click of the trimming function.
Without downloads and cumbersome post-processing. Your recording is immediately online under the same link as the livestream.

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Our prices for live streaming are based on the duration and number of simultaneous viewers
as well as the number of users watching at the same time. Get the starting credit of € 75.00 with your registration at Video.Taxi!
Here some examples:

SpectatorsMax. 25 cc
Durationmax. 2h
Live subtitlingOption
SpectatorsMax. 100 cc
Durationmax. 1h
Live subtitling-
SpectatorsMax. 500 cc
Durationmax. 4h
Live subtitlingOption
SpectatorsMax. 1000 cc
DurationMax. 6h
Live subtitlingyes

all prices include 16% VAT.

Included in all live streaming

Time-ShiftWhile the live stream is still running, your users can jump to the beginning or rewind and fast forward in the past.
Pre-RollShow an image or video as a teaser before the live stream starts,
Automatic recordingYour livestream will be recorded automatically. So you can publish it as video on demand immediately after the end.
Password protectionSecure your livestream with a freely selectable password against unauthorized use.
TrimmingSet new start and end points in the recording of your live stream with a click of the mouse. No download and re-cutting necessary.
Livestream CockpitReal-time monitoring of your live stream with display of signal quality, times and viewer statistics.