Know what's on (and what's not)!

Real-time based video and livestream usage statistics. GDPR-compliant.

Gain meaningful insights into how your users engage with your videos and livestreams to maximize your success.

When your business relies on potential customers watching videos and livestreams, you need to know that the time and investment you put into creating your media content is paying off.

You need meaningful statistics on how your videos and livestreams are being used to make better decisions.

Review, understand, make better decisions

Are you wondering if your content is being viewed and for how long? Where it’s being viewed from? How it’s affecting your conversion rates and sales?

Video.Taxi uses Matomos Media Analytics feature, which allows you to answer all of these questions to make better decisions and achieve the goals you expect your content to reach.

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Gain maximum insights into your media content with ease

Matomos unique Media Analytics feature provides you with all the insights you need to determine if your videos or livestreams are resonating with your audience and if your content is leading to conversions or sales.

The Media Analytics feature is available for immediate use through the Video.Taxi interface.

Rely on facts

Whether you want to know how often your videos and livestreams are being viewed, how high your view rate is, how your media is being consumed over time, how it is being consumed on certain days or what locations users are viewing your content from – what makes Media Analytics so efficient is that it answer all of your questions. Media Analytics new valuable feature allows you to determine how many times each segment of a video has been viewed.

These facts allow you to assess how your audience is responding to your content, and that in turn will help you maximize your contents success.

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Monitor how often certain segments of your videos are being viewed

Media Analytics new valuable feature allows you to determine how many times each segment of a video has been viewed.

Identify at which point visitors lose interest in your video and get bored. This allows you to detect which content is making an impact.

Real-time analysis

Discover where in the world your audience is located, who they are, and what they were doing before and after watching a video or livestream. Gain a better understanding for your audience by observing and analyzing each users individual actions.

In doing so, you can evaluate each users individual journey and understand how your media has impacted their engagement with your business.