Pay per view

Earn money with livestreams and videos

Our pay per view solution takes all the technology off your hands.
So you can concentrate fully on your content.

Anti-theft lockA code only applies to one stream at a time. Passing on ticket codes is useless.
Flexible ticket optionsCreate content offers from
arbitrarily selectable livestreams
and videos.
Automated collectionIncome via PayPal and credit cards will be credited to your account immediately.

You can earn money with these formats

Vortrag mit Publikum


More participants through an online offer

Female yoga trainer


New customers that are only available online


Amateur Sport

New sources of income for associations

Stock car race at Veltins arena


And „sold out“ no longer exists

open air music concert


A larger audience – through live streaming



Multiplying the yield

Numerous valuable functions

• End customer price freely selectable
• Purchase completion via video player
• Link with video player can be placed on websites, social media and emails
• Customer emails freely customizable
• HTML and text version
• email notification on purchase
• Direct credit of sales
• Regular distribution
of income

Promote your offer in the Videoplayer

Create the product description and price. Your content will appear in the video player.

Afterwards you can embed the player on your website and link to your social media accounts. It could not be easier.

Videoplayer with pay per view offering

With these payment methods your end customers can pay

American Express

Frequently asked questions about pay per view

No, there is no basic fee for using pay per view.

You can upload your own videos to Video.Taxi and offer them individually or grouped with others via customizable packages. Live streams are also possible. For example, you can offer a livestream individually for Euro 19.99 and the recording as a package for Euro 29.99.

Usage is determined over periods of time. You can determine the permitted usage period to the minute by specifying a start and end time. You can also define total periods from the first time the user uses the system. For example, the user could then be allowed to view the content(s) for 365 days after the first use. does not secure the website in which the video player is embedded, but controls each individual stream. This ensures that only the user who has the access code can view the content. A passing on of the access code is therefore pointless.

After the purchase your end customers will receive an email with the access code for the content they purchased. You can design this email yourself or you can customize and email template with your information. Purchase information such as product name or price will be automatically added to the email.

The tax office initially receives 19% value added tax from the end customer price. For payment processing Video.Taxi receives a one-time payment of € 0.50 and 9.5% of the gross price. After successful payment by the end customer we will credit the amount to your Video.Taxi account. You will receive the collected earnings at the end of the month by bank transfer.

The following sample calculation can be opened up:
From an end customer price of e.g. € 9.99 the tax office receives € 1.60 in form of the 19% sales tax. Video.Taxi receives for the pay per view function 9% of the gross price + a one-time payment processing fee of € 0.50 – in total € 1.33. For live streaming (example 2h length with 500 cc viewers) € 0.29 is due.

What is the situation with on demand videos?
If one of your customers watches his purchased videos for 10 hours, € 0.21 in bandwidth costs will be charged, i.e. 2 Eurocents per hour.
This means that your gross profit for live streaming is € 6.77 per ticket sold or € 6.85 per ticket for on demand offers.

Here again the example of livestreaming:
9.99 Gross retail price
– 1.60 Value added tax 19%
– 1,33 Pay per view fees (€ 0,50 payment processing + 9% commission of gross price)
– 0.29 Live streaming with 500 cc viewers and 2 hours duration

Here again the example on demand:
9.99 Gross retail selling price
– 1.60 Value added tax 19%
– 1,33 Pay per view fees (€ 0,50 payment processing + 9% commission of gross price)
– 0.21 Video on demand bandwidth charges for 10 hours and use of the 1,000 GB bandwidth package

–> 6.85 Gross profit

How can we help you get started?

We would be happy to advise you on your first pay per view project. We offer all intensity levels of know-how transfer, from a short telephone consultation to a 1-day workshop. Just choose the date that suits you best.

Advice by telephone

15 min

Real-Time Support of your live event

3 hours

Day workshop with you

7 hours

Secure your free starting credit of €75 now and regular
monthly free 75 GB bandwidth credit.