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I have offered pay-per-view since I was a child

I charged an entrance fee of one mark. Back then, as a child. I dragged our Super 8 projector into the basement and showed the neighborhood kids vacation films that my father had shot on a business trip to the United States. I remember Mickey Mouse at Disneyland best. And:I already had a kiosk sale. I parted with my treets for 1 mark and thus improved my income.
Today, on my Video.Taxi platform, I offer content providers a way to earn money with moving image content, also called pay-per-view (ppv). Be it via livestream or via a finished video. This creates a new group of publishers. The best sellers are entertainment and know-how transfers - sports are on the rise. Since the Corona crisis, pay-per-view sales of arts and culture are booming on Video.Taxi with concerts and theater performances. The second strong genre is know how transfers in the form of webinars. Sports offerings are a new addition.

The world as a market

Due to the worldwide availability, the sale of content is suddenly possible globally and thus new opportunities for revenue. Events, which usually have a regional or national character, can be marketed internationally. The limit would only be the language, but German is spoken by about 90 to 105 million people worldwide as a native language and another 80 million or so as a second or foreign language (source: Wikipedia). A huge market.

How does it work?

As a Video.Taxi user, you mark the videos and livestreams you want to market and link them to a PPV product. In this product you define the price and validity of the PPV ticket. Now you link the content on your website and also share it on social media for increased marketing. Your customers can now pay for a ticket for your livestream or video via the overlay in the player. With PayPal or credit card. After the purchase, they will receive a confirmation email of the payment with a code. They enter this code in the player and can now see the content.

The security

Video.Taxi secures your content against multiple use. The buyer of a ticket can pass on the code, this cannot be prevented, but only one can use the code. Distributing the code to third parties is therefore pointless.

More tips:

If you only want your viewers to register, set the price to 0 Euro. You can assign multiple contents to one product at any time - even later.