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The subtitling is also a transcript and makes your content especially valuable

Transcription makes your content really valuable!


  • Accessibility: Transcripts allow people with hearing disabilities to access the content of videos.
  • Linguistic Comprehensibility: A transcript can help non-native speakers better understand the content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Findability: Search engines can index text better than audio or video content, which improves the findability of the content.
  • Keywords: Transcripts contain keywords that can help improve SEO.

Learning and research purposes:

  • Study: Students and researchers can use transcripts to find and cite information more easily.
  • Analysis: Researchers can perform text analysis to identify patterns and trends.

Multimedia content:

  • Subtitles and translations: Transcripts can serve as the basis for creating subtitles and translations into other languages.
  • Content Creation: Content from transcripts can be easily converted into other formats such as blog posts, articles, or social media posts.


  • Quick information absorption: Some people prefer to read text rather than watch videos, especially when looking for specific information.
  • Reference: Transcripts serve as a useful reference and allow users to quickly jump to specific parts of the content.

Legal and business reasons:

  • Documentation: In some cases, transcripts can serve as official documentation or evidence of conversations or statements.
  • Market Research: Companies can use transcripts to analyze customer feedback and opinions.

Speech Processing:

  • Machine learning data: Transcripts are valuable data sources for the development and training of speech recognition and processing systems.        

Live subtitles created with VIDEO.TAXI for the German Bundestag.


Webinar: How easy is automatic subtitling?

Live subtitling for livestreams of Germany's No.1

The German Bundestag captions more than 1,600 hours of debates and committee meetings per year live with Video.Taxi. German record. Our AI-based speech-to-text technology translates the spoken word during livestreams in real time! In all languages.
With the live subtitle editor, you can correct the subtitles live before they are seen live by the viewer.

They already subtitle and thus offer accessible content:

Converting logs or texts to subtitles with Auto-Trim

Texts such as scripts and meeting minutes are often available in text format. You can have Video.Taxi convert these into subtitles. With the Auto-Trim technology, Video.Taxi also generates the correct fade-in and fade-out time for each subtitle. It couldn't be simpler.