Ideal for videos that are initially displayed without sound (on social media)

Hearing AND reading increases understanding

Translated subtitles for the 96% who don’t understand German

With Video.Taxi you subtitle your livestreams and videos fully automatically in all languages. Extensive functions help you to get the best out of your content. Subtitles not only ensure accessibility, but also support communication.
Translated subtitles significantly increase the reach of your content.

Live subtitling for live streams

Our speech-to-text technology translates the spoken word into subtitles in real time. In all languages.
With the subtitle live editor, you can correct the subtitles live before they are broadcast live.

Video.Taxi Subtitle Editor

Subtitling for videos

After uploading your video to the media library, Video.Taxi translates the spoken word into subtitles.
With the subtitle editor you can now correct the text and change the display times. Via the export function
the subtitles can be exported to WebVTT and SRT file formats. For further use e.g. on Facebook or YouTube.

Video mit Live-Untertiteln

Conversion of protocols or texts into subtitles with auto-trim

Texts such as scripts and minutes of meetings are often available in text format. Video.Taxi can convert these into subtitles. With Auto-Trim technology, Video.Taxi also generates the correct fade-in and fade-out time for each subtitle. It couldn’t be faster.

Untertitel Tool Box
Video vom Bundestag mit Untertiteln

Have subtitles translated

Let Video.Taxi automatically translate your subtitles into 192 languages. This dramatically increases the reach of your content. These subtitles can also be exported as WebVTT and SRT files for other purposes such as social media postings.

Video mit Untertiteln in vielen Sprachen