Video.Taxi creates and translates subtitles automatically.

Choose from 192 languages. Meet European accessibility requirements and increase the reach of your videos at the same time.

Automatische Übersetzung von Untertiteln

Automatic video subtitling

Upload your video – select a language – done!

The AI technology converts spoken word into subtitles. In 192 languages. GDPR compliant. You can make adjustments with the online editor. All subtitles can be exported as VTT or SRT file.

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Webinar: Automatic subtitling is this easy

Live subtitling for Germany's No.1's livestreams

The German Bundestag subtitles more than 1,000 hours of debates and committee meetings per year live with Video.Taxi. German record. Our AI speech-to-text technology translates spoken word in real-time during livestreams! In all languages. You can correct subtitles live with the live subtitle editor, before they are seen by the viewer.

Video.Taxi Subtitle Editor

They already subtitle and thus offer accessible content:

Convert minutes or texts to subtitles with Auto-Trim

Scripts and meeting minutes are often in text format. You can convert those to subtitles in Video.Taxi. With Auto-Trim technology, Video.Taxi also generates the correct fade-in and fade-out time for each subtitle. It does not get any simpler than that.

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Video vom Bundestag mit Untertiteln