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How to Videos

With Video.Taxi you stream live and get the full potential out of your events!

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Video.Taxi now offers you the possibility to add markers to your videos.


Pay per view

Monetize your livestreams or videos with the built in pay per view feature.

Video Upload

How to get your videos online for streaming. Follow Dominik`s easy steps.

How to publish videos on websites

Hot to embedd a video on a website. Just copy&paste.


Extract short clips from vidoes or running livestreams and publish them.


You like to offer more interactivity to your audience. Start votings.


Add subtitles for your videos automatically using Video.Taxi`s KI technology

Live subtitling

How to enhance your livestreams with automated live subtitles


How to let Video.Taxi translate your subtitles into 192 languages automatically


Trim your recorded livestreams and videos without editing for fast publishing

Conduct Online Events without extra hardware

The demand for online events raises – this is how to conduct online events without the need for extra hardware