Our How to Videos

With Video.Taxi you stream live and get the full potential out of your events!

Our How to Videos


Video.Taxi now offers you the possibility to add markers to your Video on Demand.

Pay per view

You can monetize your videos and livestreams via pay per view with Video.Taxi.

Video upload

You want to stream videos. It's easy to upload videos to Video.Taxi to stream them.

Publish videos

This is how you embed Video.Taxi Player on your website or distribute the link to your videos.

Trim videos

Want to quickly trim the recording of your livestream or other video without editing it?


You want to interactively involve your viewers in your livestream? Then start a poll.


You want to add subtitles (UT) to your videos? Let Vidoe.Taxi do it automatically or upload ready-made UTs.

Live subtitling

AI-based live subtitling for livestreams. It's that easy with Video.Taxi. Choose technology from Google or Amazon.

Translate subtitles

Want more reach for your videos? Then let Video.Taxi generate additional language versions of your subtitles.


Cut short clips from ongoing livestreams and post them on social media or use them for other purposes.

Conduct online events

Invite guests, let them give presentations. Stream it live to your viewers, who can participate via chat and voting.

Lead generation

Create a free registration before your online event. Video.Taxi will send the access code to your viewers automatically.