Video marker – How to spoil your viewers


How to spoil your viewers

Increasing demand for video content

According to a Cisco study, 82% of internet traffic will be video in 2021. According to Hubspot, 97 of marketers say video marketing helps users better understand their brand.Online video is becoming increasingly important in communications, and as the number of offerings online increases, so does the pressure on providers to stand out from the crowd.

Convenience is king

Video providers should therefore name their videos clearly so as not to create false expectations. The announced topic should be clearly stated right at the beginning. The length of the video should be short rather than too long. The rule is: brevity is the spice of life. Content that was previously live and justifiably long, such as presentations, should then be shortened in the recorded version.

Offering the essentials – with markers

Shortening a video is time-consuming and risks taking the wrong thing out of the content. Much better suited here are markers that are positioned on the video’s timeline without having to touch the video file at all. They are often called jump markers. Each marker is seen as a chapter marker and is given a label. A marker is represented with a dot on the timeline. The user only has to move the mouse over the point and the title is displayed. Now he can decide if he also wants to see the following content by clicking at this point in the video. In this way, he can very quickly see, for example, a one-hour lecture in essence or relive an ice hockey game and its goals.

More tips:

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