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Another language version increases the potential reach by 500%

Grafik zeigt Sprechblasen des Wortes Hallo in verschiedenen Sprachen

Achieve your full potential with minimal effort

With every video published, the question arises how successful it will be. Of course, the content must match the target group. And the target group must know about it. One measure that almost nobody uses, although it is spectacularly inexpensive, is the provision of subtitles in other languages. To understand what potential range leverage is possible here, one has to look at the distribution of languages ​​on Earth.

Already five translations seventeen times the potential reach

The following figures come from the SIL Institute. German does not appear in the top ten as a foreign language. Around 130 million people speak German as their mother tongue or second language. So if you choose the most important languages ​​from the western cultural area of ​​English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French as translations, the potential reach increases to 2.235 billion people.

The 10 most spoken languages

  1. Mandarin (Chinese) – 1.1 billion speakers
  2. English – 983 million speakers
  3. Hindustani – 544 million speakers
  4. Spanish – 527 million speakers
  5. Arabic – 422 million speakers
  6. Malay – 281 million speakers
  7. Russian – 267 million speakers
  8. Bengali – 261 million speakers
  9. Portuguese – 229 million speakers
  10. French – 229 million speakers

Only 2.1% of internet users speak German

According to statista, there were 3.9 billion people on the Internet in 2018. And only 2.1% of the world’s internet users understand or speak German. 25.2% understand English and 19.2% of all global users understand Mandarin. For providers of German content, the question of whether one should offer translations does not arise at all. If you want to get your message across to the other 97.9% of non-German-speaking Internet users, translations are the key to success.

Video Taxi Online Editor zum bearbeiten von Untertiteln bei Videos

Little effort – hardly any fees

The translation effort is negligible. With a corrected version of the subtitle of the spoken language, Video.Taxi automatically generates further translations in a few moments. All subtitles are attached to the video and must only be activated by the user in the player using the „CC“ („closed captioning“) button. The cost of a translation in one language is € 0.15 per minute.