Webinars to replace events in Corona times


Communicate despite exit restrictions

Videokonferenz mit Laptop

Reach large target groups with a webinar

In times of limited travel options, the use of digital means of communication is vital. Canceled trade fairs, events and conferences mean losses for everyone involved. Here webinars are a perfect replacement. A presentation is streamed live online with the participation of viewers who can ask questions. The recording can be viewed immediately and reaches additional viewers.

What does it take?

The minimum equipment consists of a PC or laptop with webcam. In addition, a software that processes the audio / video signal within the computer. Of course, HDMI camera signals can also be plugged into the USB port of the computer using an adapter. If you want to show PowerPoint slides or other screen content such as WhatsApp threads, software like OBS is a free solution. OBS encodes and then streams the signal to Video.Taxi. This is where the distribution and processing of the stream begins, e.g. the simultaneous distribution on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, the stream is recorded fully automatically so that it can be published immediately when the live broadcast is finished. Other options such as live subtitling expand the possible group of users.

Secure or market the webinar

With the password lock, webinar organizers can determine your user group. The webinars can also be monetized by selling the access codes. Here professional ticket marketers like Eventbrite help to achieve reach. If you want to market yourself and are only looking for a payment processor, you are in good hands with a PayPal Merchant Account.

Video Taxi Videokonferenz mit vier Teilnehmern

Streamed video conference – the ideal replacement for a face-to-face event

The advantage of a video conference is the ease of use. With just a few clicks, several participants are interconnected and can exchange views, share screens, chat and give presentations. The disadvantage: video conferences are not suitable for the masses. Not technically, but also in communication it makes no sense to actively let more than six to eight participants take part in a conference. The solution here is: The video conference is the program that is streamed live to the viewers. And these viewers can also participate interactively. Via chats and votes or surveys that are sent back to the participants in the video conference.