For event agencies, marketing/HR and the public sector

Popular applications and the matching functions


Press conferences, company meetings, online events

Include livestreams on websites or apps.

You can stream a live broadcast with hardware encoders, but also directly from the browser with any perform. Here you can also connect guests.

The hardware encoders should be able to generate an RTMP stream. Examples are:




Live streaming with the browser

Video.Taxi Studio streams directly. 100% GDPR compliant. No software installation needed. Add guests, choose layouts. Google Chrome browser recommended.

Automated start

Let Video.Taxi do the job. Video.Taxi will start and stop your livestream according to the preset times. Of course you can extend several times.


Not sure about the upcoming parameters of your livestream? Change all settings up to 30 minutes before the start, keeping the ingest URL and player link...

Live subtitling

Our AI captions your livestream live. Examples: Darmstadt City Council German Bundestag

Access control

By registration form in the player, automatic sending of the code


Surveys and polls

Manual start

Start your livestream with your scheduled time frame at the click of a mouse.

VOD as premiere

Stream a recording with a set start time as if it were a livestream and optionally offer the recording for viewing afterwards.

Maximum duration of the live stream

Stream your entire event for up to 12 hours at a time, and if it lasts longer, you can extend it multiple times during the broadcast.


Online sale of the access code by Paypal or credit card


Moderated on request

Restreaming to other destinations

Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and other RTMP targets

How to vote

Interact directly with the chat and start polls, whether directly live in the stream or by editing the survey in advance.

Video hosting

Marketing & Advertising, Training Videos, Product Videos, Recruiting Videos, Sports, Information & Entertainment
Embed videos on the website or apps.

Adaptive streaming

Your videos are stored by Video.Taxi in several bandwidths. Depending on the bandwidth at the end user, Video.Taxi switches dynamically and without interruption to the appropriate variant.


Set a new start and end point without having to recut the video.

Full control

Keep the rights to your content and don't expose your viewers to uncontrolled advertising from your competitors, such as YouTube.

Custom player according to BITV 2.0

Choose your favorite color and add your organization's logo. The player also fills all current accessibility requirements. Examples: Federal Ministry of Finance

Access control

By registration form in the player, automatic sending of the code


Online sale of the access code by Paypal or credit card
Erding GladiatorsTV
Club of clear words

Unlimited number of team members

Give your entire production team access to your account without user restrictions by enabling sub-accounts for them.


REST API for direct access to the Video.Taxi interface.


Our AI subtitles your videos in 192 languages.