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I love numbers. With media analytics, we can see in real-time what's going well and what's not. Then we decide on future content. Sinking money in vain is a thing of the past.

Tatjana F. - Online Business Analyst

Know what's on!

Real-time-based usage statistics of videos and livestreams. GDPR compliant.

Get meaningful insights about how your users engage with your videos and livestreams to maximize your success. If your business relies on potential customers watching videos and livestreams, you need to know that your time and investment in creating your media content is paying off.
You need meaningful statistics about the usage of your videos and livestreaming to make better decisions.

See, understand, make better decisions

Have you ever wondered if your content is being seen? For how long? Where is it being viewed from? How does it affect your conversion rates and sales? Matomo's Media Analytics feature, which you can use via Video.Taxi, allows you to answer all these questions in order to make better decisions and achieve the goals you expect from your content.

Get maximum insights into your media content with ease

Matomo's unique media analytics feature gives you all the insights you need to see if your videos or live streams are resonating with your audience and if your content is driving conversions or sales. The Media Analytics feature can be used immediately through the VIDEO.TAXI interface.

Rely on facts for everything

Whether you want to know how often your videos and live streams are being played, what the view rates are, how your media is being consumed over time, how media is being consumed on certain days, where users are viewing your content - the powerful thing about Media Analytics is that it helps you answer all your questions. You can use these facts to assess how your audience is responding to your content, which in turn helps you to maximize your success in creating media.

Monitor how often certain segments of your videos are viewed

This valuable new feature of Media Analytics shows you how many times each segment/part of a video was viewed. You can see at what point visitors lose interest in the video or get bored, so you can clearly see which content is making an impact.

Real time analysis

Know where your audience is around the world, who they are, and what they did before and after watching a video or livestream. Better understand your audience by seeing and analyzing the individual actions of each user. This way, you can evaluate each user's entire journey and understand how your media has influenced their lifetime engagement with your business.