With ATEM Mini you produce the perfect signal and Video.Taxi streams it to your viewers.

Black Magic Design ATEM Mini

Tested, certified,GDPR compliant.

Germany's leading streaming platform with built-in data protection. ISO-27001-TÜV-Süd-zertifiziert.

ATEM Minis prefer to stream to Video.Taxi

With the ATEM Minis (Pro&Extreme) from Blackmagic Design, perfect tools are available to produce a successful livestream. However, a perfect streaming platform like Video.Taxi, which distributes the signal as streams and offers numerous refinements in the process, is still missing. This really enhances the program. For livestreamers in commercial or government environments in Europe, compliance with the GDPR is mandatory. US platforms ignore data protection. It contradicts their business model. They grab viewers' data in the background to monetize it. With Video.Taxi, this is not the case. Video.Taxi takes the stream generated by an ATEM Mini, creates additional bandwidth streams, and adds numerous valuable features to the program. Viewers can participate via moderated chat or voting. The stream can be password protected, or viewed only after registration or even payment. Live subtitling ensures accessibility. The restreaming function can be used to supply additional platforms. This saves bandwidth at the event location. The real-time statistics show the current audience rating. So you know exactly how many viewers are watching.

Valuable features for your stream

1-100,000cc spectators
TOP image quality HD,FullHD,2K,4K
ISO 27001 certified
Surveys & Polls
Automatic Recording
Zero data theft
Customizable video player
Spectator registration
Password protection for streams
Zero third-party advertising
Subtitling in 192 languages
Store system for Stream sale
Barrier-free according to BITV 2.0
Live statistics In real time
Restreaming on social media

This is how easily you can stream with the ATEM Mini

1. create livestream at Video.Taxi

Create livestream

Go to Create Livestreams and create a free livestream. You will now receive a server address and a stream key from Video.Taxi.

2. edit the XML file

Edit XML

Install the "ATEM Control Software". Now rename the existing streaming.xml file. Download the Video.Taxi version of streaming.xml. Open it and enter the server link you got from Video.Taxi. Save it in the same folder as the former streaming.xml.

3. enter stream key and start streaming


Start the ATEM Software Control and enter the key. Select the quality and click "ON AIR". Congratulations, now you are live!

Video.Taxi receives the stream and distributes it.

Watch livestream

After a few moments your stream will arrive at Video.Taxi. Video.Taxi will provide you with the link for the stream. Distribute the link for the livestream to your audience. There are two link versions: a) the embed code is for your website and b) the direct link for emails, and for posting on social media, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.

Everything under control - the cockpit

Stream control

In the cockpit, you can see whether your stream is being broadcast at full quality. We show you the number of viewers in real time. You can customize the player for your viewers, operate the chat, place your clickable logo in the image, activate live subtitles, restrict access and much more.

Video.Taxi is used by ...

Customer testimonials

Udo Treimetten, Managing Director Triacs GmbH

We have been working with Video.Taxi for over a year now. We have implemented many different productions. Online product presentations, employee training, concerts, sporting events ... We use the full potential that this platform offers us. Traceable access with access codes, pay per view with collection as well as the subsequent provision and possibility of downloading the live broadcast. Very important to us was the security of our data, the GDPR conformity and last but not least of course the absolute technical reliability of the platform. Video.Taxi is a perfect partner in this regard, who also responds very quickly to our needs with questions and suggestions.

Norbert Gierlich, New Business and Site Management Vogelsänger Studios

We have been working very actively with Video.Taxi since fall 2020. We appreciate the intuitive UX of the SaaS solution and the HD quality of the livestream signals. Total freedom in branding the player, chat function and cloud-based recording perfectly round out the offer for us. But what excites us the most is the AI-based transcription. This allows us to pick up viewers in their native language while discussing with experts in another language, for example. Especially the "instant trimming" is a real enrichment, because we can edit recorded events directly online and then publish them. Having support contacts in the same time zone also helps a lot in case of emergency.

Detlef Simon - Desimo

After a good half year of cooperation, it's time for a thank you. We feel very well taken care of at Video.Taxi with our weekly show streams. A clear system, great picture and sound quality, excellent. And when something went wrong with the payment system, the support was quick and friendly - and of course fixed the problem. It works well! We’d like to keep going.

German servers - GDPR compliant

ISO 27001 certified. We host on European and German servers.

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to advise you on your next livestreaming project. From the free short consultation via Video.Taxi Studio to the 1-day workshop, we offer all levels of intensity of know-how transfer. Just choose the date that suits you best.