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Organizing company meetings in a data-protection-compliant and tap-proof manner



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Employee co-determination that saves money, time and nerves and is not spied on

With the new edition of § 129 BetrVG, you as a works council can hold works meetings online or hybrid (i.e. on-site and online at the same time). In doing so, everyone benefits from each participant not having to travel: Currently, travel is no fun. Travel costs for transportation and overnight stays are reaching ever new highs. In addition, trains and airports are overloaded, luggage is lost, trains are delayed and flights are cancelled completely. Car trips are environmentally harmful, exhausting and a risk to life and limb after exuberant celebrations. In the end, your company saves real money: you can hold an online company meeting for as little as 1 euro per participant.

The GDPR applies

You are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Everything that happens in a company meeting falls under data protection. Are you planning a purely online or hybrid meeting and need suitable software?

Zoom and teams are spy programs

Online tools like Zoom and Teams fail. They work like a bug tapped into your conference. Everything is transmitted. IP address of the participants, the PII (personal individual identification) and in addition Zoom invites another thirteen! services to eavesdrop on you. Zoom uses face and voice recognition and converts everything spoken into text to be stored and marketed somewhere. A no-go!

With teams, everyone sees what they are not allowed to see

Teams is not a solution either. Microsoft recently changed its T&Cs for the online-hosted Teams and reserves the right to "process data for its own purposes". In plain language, you're giving them your colleagues' data to process. Here, data from your company meeting is stored somewhere and monetized by the Microsoft group. In case of doubt, you are liable to prosecution, because your colleagues have not given their consent. First judgments for damages have already been made. In addition, Teams shows, for example, all others present in the conference. This is not compliant with the GDPR either, because no colleague should know from the other whether and how long he or she is attending the conference.

The alternative

You need a technology that doesn't harvest data at your company meeting. With which you remain the owner of your data. And that's Video.Taxi. We are the privacy-friendly alternative to Youtube, Zoom and Teams. With Video.Taxi Studio, you can set up a company meeting within ten minutes and easily from your computer. Find out how to conduct an online company meeting without data theft here.